firm Founder

Yair Udi, adv.

Adv. Yair Udi specializes in international commercial transactions with a dominant technology component. His main areas of expertise are commercial law, high-tech and venture capital, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions (including leveraged buyouts), securities, financing and open source. As part of this activity, Adv. Yair Udi has acquired unique expertise in complex financing transactions at companies and technology ventures.

Adv. Yair Udi has a legal and technological background, business understanding and extensive experience in the areas of practice constituting the firm’s core activity. He regularly represents and advises entrepreneurs, company founders, investors and corporations on special transactions and the day-to-day management of their business, in Israel and worldwide.

Adv. Yair Udi has been directly involved in some of the most interesting and complex merger and acquisition transactions in Israel in recent years, and regularly provides commercial and legal advice to entrepreneurs, investors, companies and executives.