Main Difference between Pre-Money and Post-Money SAFE

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Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is a legal agreement between startup and investor. Startups use SAFEs to raise capital mostly (but not only) during their seed financing rounds. There are different types of SAFEs, and in this article, we will discuss Pre-Money and Post-Money SAFEs and how they differ from each other. To understand … Read more Main Difference between Pre-Money and Post-Money SAFE

Essential Features of SAFE

Y Combinator

Raising funds during the early stage can be challenging and time-consuming for startups, but that’s when SAFE comes to the rescue. SAFE provides a way to raise capital in a relatively fast fashion, providing efficient and practical solution in funding phases that usually lack certainty. Y Combinator introduced SAFE as an alternative for convertible notes. … Read more Essential Features of SAFE