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Maturity Date

Maturity date is a term commonly used in financial agreements, such as loans, bonds, and other debt instruments, which refers to the date when the principal amount borrowed, plus any interest or fees, is due to be repaid in full. The maturity date is agreed upon by the lender and borrower at the time the loan or debt instrument is created.

In addition to debt instruments, the concept of maturity date can also apply to other types of financial agreements, such as options contracts and forward contracts. In these cases, the maturity date refers to the date when the contract expires and the underlying asset must be delivered or settled.

It is important to note that the maturity date is a critical term in any financial agreement, as it defines the timeframe within which the borrower or contract holder must repay the amount borrowed or fulfill the terms of the agreement. Failure to do so can result in default and potentially significant financial penalties.