Yair Udi Law Offices

is a boutique law firm specializing in high-tech,
financing and commercial law.
The firm provides its clients

with results-driven legal service

individually tailored to each and every client.


Service Values:


Each client has unique needs and different goals. Therefore, the core of the firm’s professional activity is in-depth knowledge of each client, his business, character and needs.
Along with ensuring professional service, the firm is committed to providing its clients with personal and devoted service based on high availability, personal attention and forging a relationship of mutual trust between the client and the professional team that works with him.


In order to provide each client with the “right solution” for every new need or professional challenge, the firm has implemented methodologies for flexible and fast learning of businesses and various areas of activity – with the goal of providing better quality results in a shorter timeframe.

At the same time, in recognition of the true value of innovation, the firm constantly studies, researches and refines its professional tools and working methods.



Time is a valuable resource for the client, therefore providing an accurate, prompt and professional response is a cornerstone of the firm’s work and a significant component of the service provided to each client.

Time management is an integral part of the day-to-day work of the firm’s staff, in recognition of the importance of 100% availability to every client, everywhere, and at all times. In order to realize this commitment, Yair Udi Law Offices operate as a boutique law firm catering clients in a limited and defined number of areas of business activity – high-tech and finance.


Focusing on the big picture – this concept is the key to the firm’s strength in terms of the service provided to its clients, and is what sets it apart from other players.

In accordance with this concept, the firm’s employees are carefully chosen in order to generate a wide range of capabilities and knowledge, thereby enhancing the firm’s effectiveness and its ability to provide a complete and customized solution to each client’s unique needs.


Productivity is the ability to provide the client with effective and results-driven service within a short timeframe.

This way of doing business enables the firm to lead transactions through example, in a focused, efficient and fast manner.

yair udi

Firm Founder

Yair Udi, Adv.